Healthy Household


Multi Surface 

Modere household cleaning products  effectively eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, grease & odor in your home, without harsh chemicals. 
Great For the environment too.


Gentle Hand Wash

Rejuvenate your hands with this mild formula containing plant-derived detergents that are tough on dirt but gentle on your skin. Washes away bacteria* with a rich lather that tells you your hands are clean

Ironed White Shirts

Laundry Care

Our Laundry Powder is  effective and safe. Low-sudsing surfactants and a non-chlorinated bleaching agent make it tough on stains, safe on colors. Free of dyes, fragrances, and phosphates.


Fresh Space

The mood-enhancing water lily fresh fragrance is chemical free Eliminate odors, freshen,
your air quality in your home, car, clothes, furniture, garbage cans, bathrooms or use at the  office

White Tableware

Non-Toxic Dish Soap

  • Readily biodegradable 

  • Nontoxic

  • Concentrated formula cuts baked-on grease

  • Get beautifully clean dishes without streaks or water spots after drying

  • Fresh scent of clementine  dishwashing experience


Household Bundle

MODERE household cleaning products are designed to effectively eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, grease and odor throughout your home, without harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients.